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Thread: No, it wasn't bush league

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    Violence erupts around Syria, protesters shot
    DAMASCUS, Syria Violence erupted around Syria on Friday as troops opened fire on protesters in several cities and pro- and anti-government crowds clashed on the tense streets of the capital in the most widespread unrest in years, witnesses said.
    Soldiers shot at demonstrators in the restive southern city of Daraa after crowds set fire to a bronze statue of the country's late president, Hafez Assad, a resident told The Associated Press. Heavy gunfire could be heard in the city center and witnesses reported several casualties, the resident said on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.

    So when does the Coalition/NFZ start for Syria?
    "It's not that government is inherently stupid, although that's a debatable question."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hew View Post
    Speaking of the hypocrisy of partisan sycophants....

    If I heard it once, I heard it a thousand times from the left (and many on this very forum) when Bush was President; to paraphrase, "Well if we're supposed to attack every country that we don't agree with why don't we just go ahead and attack North Korea? Hmmm? Hmmmmmmmm? So logically, if we don't attack North Korea we had no business attacking Iraq."

    Anybody hear/read of the leftists trotting out their North Korea "logic" vis-a-vis Obama and Libya?
    Libya was not on Bush's Axis of Evil list.

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    Better the devil you know. And Ka daffy is a known. IF, he is tossed, it will be a big unkown as to who will take over, and that scares me. We have too many enemies in the mideast already and cannot afford to piss off more of them.

    The US was wise to sit back publicly and work the back channels to NOT be the first in. WE screwed up with Iraq II and , IMO,are still paying the price. Hussein was also a devil we knew and could have disposed of him in many ways that did not involve a big ego, billions of dollars and most importanly the lives of our young men and women. The only winners in that mess are a few companies making billions of dollars off the blood and sacrifice of many brave men and women. Iraq is a mess and it's people will be suffering for years to come, in many ways, more that they ever did.

    When you all cat fight with each other, remember all of the young men and women lost because of us not learning lessons from the past, and an ego that the US can do whatever it wants and not suffer for it. Time to take a back seat or supporting role as the worlds policeman and let others take the lead.

    Last one in is a good thing Regards
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    Quote Originally Posted by stumpholehunter View Post
    That's todays goal. Last week Obama said "Khadafi must go". Earlier this week Obama said "Khadafi should go". Now its just "he must halt his aggression against his own people"? Give me a break. You guys are funny as hell. And by you guys, I mean you middle of the road independants and you left wing loons. This goof of a president could take a dump on your face and yall would probably send him a thank you card.
    If you've followed the various threads on the Libya situation, you would see my position is much closer to RoadKills than anyone else. You and the others continually frame the discussion and assign other peoples' thoughts and opinions to them. You are completely off base if you think I blindly support Obama!

    I bet when you guys played checkers as kids, you thought you got to put the other person's checkers where YOU wanted them to be, didn't you?
    God Bless PFC Jamie Harkness. The US Army's newest PFC, but still our neighbor's little girl!

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