Anyone had a dog eat a Jade plant leaf?
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Thread: Anyone had a dog eat a Jade plant leaf?

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    Default Anyone had a dog eat a Jade plant leaf?

    My 9 month old lab ate one leaf off of a Jade plant in my office Saturday morning. Since Saturday afternoon she has had liquid stools and she looks like she is forcing out a baseball bat but nothing comes out but liquid. She is still eating the same, drinking the same amount, and still has energy like a 9 month old, but she still has the loose stools tonight "Sunday"? Anyone had a dog do this?? Thanks in advance

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    No, I have not had a dog eat a Jade plant leaf but I have used the ASPCA poison hot line. I know the ASPCA is not very popular on this site but I have had to use their poison control hotline a couple of times and it was very helpful. You do have to pay for the advice, however.

    Here is a link to what they say about Jade plant from their website

    They have a 24 hour hotline that is staffed by vets

    If you suspect poisoning either call your vet or call the hotline.
    Jo Ann

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    No experience with a jade plant, but I have had a dog eat sago palm. They are highly toxic, the toxicity attacks the kidneys. I would get to the vet first thing in the AM.
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