Woke up early this morning and was lucky enough to see John Stossel panhandling. Amazing the different take each has watching the same show. Rather than comment onanother's view I'll jusst give mind.
the one thing common to all the freeloading was that ALL of it was the result of GOVERNMENT POLICY, REGULATION OR LAW. Two segments I am quite familar with.
ALTERNATIVE ENERGY- He mentioned the tax credits concerning this so let me give you an example of gov. involvement. A friend of mine owns a small machine milling business. Had about 40 employees before recession, now down to about 19, but still makes about the same. Says got rid of deadwook and has now increased his margin. He is in the process of installing solar system on the roof of his building. Here are the basic figures. The system will be the largest in middle Tennessee to date. the cost is aprox. $325,000 to $350,000. Reimbursement from the Fed. Gov., TVA, state and local comes to aprox. 2/3rds the total cost. Even though he is paid 2/3 the cost, he is allowed to depreciate the total cost of the system. His estimation is that the system will be paid for in 3 years and will generate him an income of about $2,000 a month for the rest of his life. Without gov. reimbursement and tax credits, length of recovery of cost would be at least 30 years andhe certainly would not do it. Again, freeloading as a result of gov. policy, regulations and law. I am even considering building a 100X40 metalbuilding on the farm and incorporating solar energy so the tax payors can not only pay for the solar system but for my metal building also. Freeloading-you bet. Cause- GOV POLICY, REGULATIONS AND LAW. And some people want more of the same!