You may not have heard of this...I didn't until today, but it sounds urgent enough to invite you to call your representative to vote against it.

This comes from Mark Mix and the Right To Work bulletin. Sounds like some dire union consequences should this amendment pass.


In the next 48 hours, the first major battle against Big Labor power grabs this year comes to a vote in Congress, and I need your immediate action.

With the union hierarchy putting massive pressure on every member of Congress to vote their way, it's up to you to urge your Representative to stand up for worker freedom!

The U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote on an amendment to strip a critical pro-worker freedom provision from the pending Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization.

It's absolutely vital you urge your Representative to vote AGAINST the LaTourette/Costello Amendment stripping Sec. 903 from the FAA bill (H.R. 658).

You see, Sec. 903 overturns an Obama Administration bureaucratic power grab -- rammed through by two former union officials -- aimed at greasing the skids for the forced unionization of airline and railway workers.

And now Big Labor is turning up the heat on every member of Congress to support the amendment.

In a recent vote in committee, a handful of Republicans voted with Big Labor-backed Democrats in favor of the Obama power grab -- failing by just one vote and demonstrating just how urgent it is for you to act NOW.

Last year, two former union officials installed onto the National Mediation Board (NMB) rammed through a rule change tilting union certification elections in favor of the union bosses, over the strenuous objections of the third member of the agency.

The FAA reauthorization bill contains language overturning the rule change, but now Big Labor apologists in Congress are trying to defend the union-boss power grab.

And now the union bosses are turning up the heat on every member of Congress -- Republican and Democrat alike -- to protect their ill-gotten gains.

It's vital you urge your U.S. Representative to vote against the LaTourette/Costello Amendment to the FAA bill (H.R. 658).

Tell your Congressman to stand strong against Big Labor power grabs, whether they come as an act of Congress or the federal bureaucracy.

This vote is happening in the next two days, so it's vital you act IMMEDIATELY!

You see, until just recently, all workers covered by the National Railway Act -- including airline and railroad employees -- could only be forced under union boss control if a simple majority of workers agreed.

The other 49%? They have to just deal with it and pay up or be fired.

That's far from fair, I know.

But now, thanks to the National Mediation Board's rule change, it no longer even takes a majority.

When I heard the National Mediation Board's decision I was shocked.

But perhaps I shouldn't be.

This is the same Presidential Administration that pushed radical Big Labor bills like "Card Check," which would subject workers to threats, intimidation and WORSE from militant union organizers.

President Obama's and his union boss cronies' one goal is to FORCE more workers into unions and they'll do so by any means necessary.

Now, thanks to President Obama's National Mediation Board's decision, just a minority of workers can force the entire company under union boss control.

But it gets worse.

It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE for workers covered by this decision to ever decertify their union.

Once Big Labor has seized control, they'll maintain it indefinitely.

And that means the union officials will be completely unaccountable!

The good news is, legislation will be voted on any day now in the U.S. House to override the National Mediation Board's decision.

But unless you act immediately, I'm afraid Big Labor could secure enough votes to strip the FAA reauthorization bill of this key provision.

And remember, this is the first real test in the new Congress after the American people rejected pro-forced unionism incumbents in November.

Will the new members of Congress stick true to their campaign pledges to fight government-granted special privileges for the union hierarchy, or will they become Big Labor-appeasers?

Only grassroots action from the American people -- led by Right to Work supporters like you -- can determine what happens next.

So please, urge your U.S. Representative to vote against the LaTourette/Costello Amendment to the FAA bill (H.R. 658).

Mark Mix
Right To Work