OOPS...the vote-grabbers have now gotten caught with their fingers in the cookie jar.

As a young kid sitting around with the 'grownups' and listening to them discuss the happenings in the country. There would always be one or two that would issue that hackneyed phrase, "there ought to be a law". As politicians continued to provide those laws, so they would 'please' their constituants, so they'd receive their blessings in the form of votes the next cycle, subsequently developing an entire new profession...the fulltime politician.

Since there was no "law" to stop this form of "taker", such as term limits, all his toadies kept him in office, so these sycophants could continue to receive their favors. And since so few at that time could devote any thought to where this was leading this nation, the practice of "pork production from the troughs of government" continued unabated.

Along with these new laws that needed implementation, came the increase in folks happy to get on that payroll, with all their bennies and perks. Keep this up for several decades, and you have a "Wisconsin-type-problem" in all the unionista states.

As these politicians continued to see all they had to do was continue to offer freebies and welfare for votes, and the apathetic that were too busy trying to keep their heads above the water didn't realize they were being had, so they kept looking for the easy way out...and VOILA...hope and change was proffered. How could it miss?

But after a couple years of seeing they had been hoodwinked, many had had enough and started to talk to their like-minded neighbors. Enough is enough was their thinking, and it was time to stop the complacency and start getting actively involved. TEA Party time. Time to:

..take back a country that was about to fall into the abyss.

..remove the 'career politician', because we recognize what he's doing to keep that career.

..make draconian cuts in the spending, because of the draconian over-spending that has led up to this juncture in history.

..remind your newly elected representatives why they were sent to Washington, and what they MUST do to even stay a little while.

..ignore the crowd that squeels when 'their ox gets gored', because there are no sacred oxen in this fight of survival.

..stop the governmental welfare at EVERY level, because it leads to dependancy by all that receive it...from the corporations to the homeless.

..weed out the corruption, graft, pork spending, and obvious duplications.

It's unfortuante we don't have the luxury of wittling down all this gross debt in the same way it was accrued...incrementally! Too late for that. We've already hit the iceberg. Now we must find enough ways to empty the weight to keep the boat afloat until it can be repaired. Lots of 'stuff' needs to be thrown over, it just can't be salvaged any more.

That's why 2012 will be the most crucial vote this nation will ever have. Either those that know what must be done take the lead and do it, or the SFN crowd wins, and Atlas will shrug. Then the hope and change that Roger and his ilk so desperately seek will send this nation to ruin. And quite frankly, I don't much give a damn. I don't intend to be here long enough to see this land I love go down. So whatever the rest of you sow, that's what you'll reap.

God help us all.