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I don't think he'll amount to much, but it does get an amazing amount of public attention for his TV shows.

Here's what I think is going on with someone like Trump. It isn't him. It isn't even his policies (such as they are.) It's his bluntness.

I think everyone is looking for the Anti-Obama. Someone who is frank, unscripted, unpolished, even someone who is not that attractive (hence the hair!).

Americans are looking for a leader who appears to like America, one who doesn't apologize for who we are and where we came from. Folks are appalled that their President abased himself (and by extension us) before a midget, puke potentate.

They'd like a leader who doesn't act like he's heading up a faculty committee, whose usual approach to a problem is appointing another "Blue-Ribbon Commission". For good or ill, whether we agree or not, we'd like a President whose policies have some sort of "unified field theory" and don't seem random and feckless.

This is why you see people who admire Chris Christy, Allen West (who actually grew up black...) and Herman Caine (who also grew up black) or Marco Rubio or John Bolton. These are people with resumes and accomplishments, men whose measure we can actually take.

I don't go for Trump, but I can see why he appeals to folks right now. (At least he can pay for his own parties and concerts.)

I believe you got it covered correctly. Kudos on a dandy post.