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Ok, he doesn't need to come and hold your hand... How many tonadoes, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, happen every year?

You want your nanny to come? Every F**kin' time?

Suck it up. Man up. It was a storm...

It'll happen again.

Sorry you guys are hurtin'.

Really though. Is the government supposed to come and make it all alright for ya?

I thought we were rugged individualists...able to take care of us and our own.

So Obama didn't visit. Boo-Hoo.

If the POTUS visited every scene of natural disaster, that would be all he did.

The job given him, by those that elected him, was to protect us from enemies, foreign and domestic. Tornadoes do not fall into that discription.

NO, we don't want him to come and hold our hands unlike the Animals in NO after Katrina. Well maybe those in Raleigh would.
Tornados are not unusual in NC. But tornados of that magnitude are.
We normally get EF0's and EF1"s. We do not get the biggies.
WE had one come thru our subdivision 2 years ago. NO 911 calls. The tornado went thru around 6 pm. By dark the guys had not only opened all the roads in the sub they also opened one lane of the main road, had all the trees off of houses and roofs tarped.
24 people died in NC.