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Thread: Polls show tea party support dropping fast

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    Quote Originally Posted by charly_t View Post
    No Rog, I have not forgot that..........we haven't had a good president with the nerve to do what was good for the country in a good while. "CHANGE" was promised and I am not seeing it, just more spending. And forget about throwing Bush up to me because I got news for you.......I did not vote for him either ( nor Gore ). The correct moves have not been made by very many in any office for many years now. I vote but I don't like my choice's very often anymore. Main election I vote for the least offensive person I see running.
    You'll have to forgive Roger, he has somewhat of a knee-jerk reaction to anyone that isn't 100% complimentary of the president, whether it's truth or not matters not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Perry View Post
    Are you forgeting that business's and banks started failing in 2007 and that the unemployment kept sliding after Obama became President????????????
    Did you really think a change in the Presidency would halt the slide immediately no matter who won the election????????????????? The Bush administration increased spending the last 2 years he was in office, and never included the cost of the 2 wars into the budget. did you expect Obama to come in and cut out all the programs Bush put into motion????????????? Get real.
    The Bush admin increased spending in the last 2 years of his presidency? Really? You must be high. The last two years Bush was in office a LIBERAL, LEFT WING, SOCIALIST congress was in control of spending led by none other than Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein, and Barney Frank. You can blame Bush for all you want but when you choose to ignore the fact that our fate was in the hands of these clowns supported by people with beliefs like yours it does nothing for the credibility of your argument and makes you sound ignorant. Quit crying about the Tea Party. They havent raised your taxes, cost you your jobs, rewarded big bank execs, bankrupted our children with multiple bailouts, or lied to the American public about the state of our nation. I do of 1 party who has...
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    I see a lot of BS being thrown around with no numbers provided to support it.
    "For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required." -- Luke 12:48

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    Quote Originally Posted by road kill View Post
    You know, it's all subjective.
    My Mom & Dad lived through "The Depression."
    They had jobs, but no food.
    There wasn't any.
    Meat was all but impossible to get.
    (as they told it)

    Today our poor who are suffering and on subsistance have;

    Cable TV, smart phones, high speed internet and dress pretty damned well.

    Maybe just time to "CUT SPENDING!!"

    At least around here that is what I see.
    If anyone here is "starving," please let me know, I have a freezer full of venison, I will give you some.

    I agree with most of what you say............. this is a government created depression. Because they kept passing laws ( read rules and regulations ) on everything in this country over the years. They have driven most businesses right out of this country. Unions have helped drive businesses out also but who stood by and let them.......government.

    Yep, meat was not in most people's diets back then. I must add this. We did not have an open season on deer in our area but we ate them anyway. Of course we had chickens on the farm so we ate some of them. People living in towns did not have those things like we did. They might have a steady job but some things could not be bought. We had relatives who came out and picked green beans in our garden to can and they were happy to get them.
    They had no garden area.

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