Obama's golf shoes a clue to bin Laden raid?
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Thread: Obama's golf shoes a clue to bin Laden raid?

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    Default Obama's golf shoes a clue to bin Laden raid?

    To those of you that think that President Obama spends too much time on the golf course.

    Come Sunday, Obama headed for the Andrews Air Force Base golf course, as he does on many weekends when the weather is nice. But he only played nine holes, instead of his customary 18, leaving after about three hours. The reporters who accompany him on public outings didn't think anything was amiss and thought the chilly, rainy weather played into the president's decision to leave several hours earlier than usual.
    What they didn't know was that Obama was heading back for that final meeting on the bin Laden operation.


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    We couldn't have done it without him.
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    I think Obama was actually on the raid. Sliding down the rope... leading the way through the darkness..."Follow me boys, I have a plan"! "Now where's that damn teleprompter?"...
    Bill Davis

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    so, if he puts on his basket ball shoes are we going into China?
    what if he grabs a can of mixed nuts? does it mean he is coming here?

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    Mighty big of the President to only play 9 holes. The biggest hit in this country's history is taking place and President Putter is out swinging the clubs. Beautiful. I'll bet he was eating popcorn while watching the operation go down. Maybe go out for some ice cream afterwards.

    And the picture taken of the White House crew watching the real-time feed of the Osama hit is photoshopped because Vice President Bite Me's eyes are open.

    We live in Cuba now.

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