Don't know if you get the Limbaugh letter or not, but there was a great interview with your Gov in this issue. Last month was another super interview with John Kasich of Ohio. Both had lots of info on how they intend to "right their ships" in each state. Excellant reads.

Always encouraging to hear about a couple of sharp leaders interested in getting this nation back on track, and at least trying to provide for a way our grand kids have a country left to believe in, and hopefully, have an America they can raise their family in.

Kudos to Walker and Kasich, and the brave conservatives that vote for them. Guys like these two, along with Christy, Daniels, and the other conservative Governors trying to balance their budgets, are to be supported with all we can muster. Without them and their TEA Party followers, the unions, lefties/socialists will continue their assault on this country and ruin it for the future.

Now, let's hope we can find the right person to provide conservative leadership, so we can have another election 'tsunami' to duplicate the one we had in 2010.