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Thread: Inflation for the mnth

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    Quote Originally Posted by caryalsobrook View Post
    kThouoght I would bring this up again. I said YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING YET. I also once said in reference to the current economy " you aint seen nothing yet". "Just wait til Jan. 2012.

    kAnybody care to predict that Jan 2012 will be better than when this hread started???
    It will be if we have a different president. That will be a start anyway...
    Bill Davis

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    Quote Originally Posted by gman0046 View Post
    Inflation on the rise manly fueled by food and gas prices and the messiah remains helpless to do anything about it. Unemployment remains over 9%, what a failure as POTUS.
    I promise CHANGE!!!! Whoopsie Huh?

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