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Thread: Affirmative Action for Chesapeakes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1tulip View Post
    I'm thinking it has to be the Chessies who deface trial grounds with all that gang-graffiti. I've heard it said they can't win the FT, but they'll win the fight afterwards.

    Just kidding, just kidding! Why... some of my best friends are Chessies. I mean, they're fine dogs and all. Wouldn't want my little girl to marry one, you know... but... I'm not prejudiced or anything. Long as they know they're place and all. I'm just sayin'
    LMAO.......Now that's some funny shait tulip.......good job.
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    Hey, Any one here know what dog was the first FC retriever? How about the first DC retriever? What breed dominated the Trials before the labs got their affirmative action imposed by the blind retrieve?
    When field trials first started in the early 40s were "Golden Years" for Goldens. I don't remember all the names, but Goldens were winning NFC titles back then.

    K9data lists FC Rip as the first Golden FC. He was born in 1935, died 1941. He won the Field & Stream Challenge Cup in 1939 & 1940. I don't think there was any NFC or NAFC existing back then.

    We do know that Flat-Coats pre-dated Goldens in history. The Golden breed only came into existence around 1865, ostensibly based on a yellow "reject" from a Flat-Coat litter & the now-extinct Tweed Water Spaniel.

    The first Golden Dual CH (again from k9data) is shown as Stilrovin Rip's Pride (born 1941, died 1950) He was a grandson of Rip, the first FC. Doesn't give the date of when he got the Dual CH title.

    Someone told me (don't remember who), back in those days the Goldens were considered the superior water dogs

    Leaving it to someone else to fill in the blanks of the other breeds.
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    FC Skipper Bob was the FIRST retriever (any breed) to become a FC; DC Sodak's Gypsy Prince was the FIRST retriever (any breed) to become a DC. 1/10/35 for Skipper Bob and 3/20/37 for Sodak's Gypsy Prince

    By the way DC is dual champion if you were wondering

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1tulip View Post
    FC? DC?

    Or AC/DC?

    got a clue vs. lost in the dark

    who are you? who, who.... who, who....

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