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Obama has been sticking his foot in his mouth ever since he ran for office and look where it got him POTUS!!!!!

Nice try Zeus: "If she is elected POTUS the long running attacks on her will be never ending-- not to mention the great fun comedians will have at her expense"

The only reason comedians don't have any fun with the current POTUS is because he's a thin-skinned black guy, that has no sense of humor, takes all that's said about him personally, and will claim racism for any attack at him.

Furthermore, most of the 'comedians' are primarily leftists. Certainly Letterman and two zippos on Comedy Central, followed by Kimmel and Leno to a lesser degree. But ALL of them are completely afraid to joke about Obama like they did against GWB...it's not even argueable.

And a better comparison would be Obama vs Clinton. Not even in the same ballpark. And the ONLY reason is the skin color, because you can't tell me that Obama hasn't become a complete joke on all fronts, with enough faux pas to choke an ox.