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Another point to consider with regard to possible market crash is the effect the 401K type investment is inflating the market. Consider that trillions of dollars of stocks are being held by mutual funds and other 401K investments with billions more dollars being added each week. This continual influx of money has got to be falsely inflating the market and stock values. Further consider that as the workforce continues to age, these funds will be put under the same stress that SS is under, in trying to keep the market inflated such that the younger generations are left with some return on their investments. If you begin to factor in the large volume of $$ that will begin being moved to increasingly more stable investments. Traditionally these are money market funds, treasuries, and government bonds. The resultant drop in demand of the higher yield, more risky investments (stocks) should cause their values to drop. Based on this model, the market will plateau for a couple years before it goes into a long steady decline for about the next 30 years.

T. Mac

That is real spooky, Tommy Mac. Our becoming similar to Greece can't be far off, especially if this oligarchy is given another 2.4 trillion to disperse among their minions.

FWIW, in case there are a few that haven't been keeping up with the European situation, which of course is understandable since we are becoming such a basket case, but here's a quick reminder of the Euro situation, and how they are handling their woes.