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I'd be all in favor of ending corporate welfare, i.e. subsidizing industries that do certain things. And then lower the tax rates for corporations equally. Some jobs would be lost, like at the IRS That could help eliminate a lot of lobbyists (more jobs lost there) ... but would save that lobbying $ for corporations which they could use for constructive purposes. Less perks for Congresscritters, too, that way.

If corporations could plan based on stable tax rates, why would they just sit on $ rather than invest it to make even more $?

I'm still trying to figure out why people are starving in some parts of the world & we pay farmers not to plant stuff. I was always under the impression that US agriculture was among the most productive. So, if the price of a bushel of "x" can be produced economically here, selling lots of bushels should still be able to make a profit. If the bushels are being produced at a loss, why not plant something else that is in greater demand? Why pay somebody to produce nothing?

Heard some figures quoted today that were stunning, and makes me very suspect of CBO estimates of programs. In 1965, when Medicare was begun, the prediction was that by 1990 it would cost $12 billion/year. The reality: by 1990 Medicare was costing $110 billion/year (about 9X the original "estimate"). For Medicaid, in its first year, 1966, it cost $4 billion. By 1990, the price tag was $235 billion. Tell me again, how spending is not a problem.

$235 billion /300,000,000 population is $783/person. That's $3133 for a family of 4 (who are paying taxes) They didn't mention how many people are receiving the Medicaid benefits, but if the recipients numbered 60,000,000 that would mean that amount would be something like $3916/year for EACH recipient. For a single parent with 2 kids, that would be $11,749/year. Now, I ask you, couldn't you buy a pretty good health insurance plan for $979/mo? Why not just have the govt contract with a private health insuror to provide the coverage & maybe save some bucks by having a huge group like that.

Guess I've got too much time on my hands.

This is far too much common sense for those you are arguing with.

Just a quick reminder...when you attempt to argue with idiots, they will bring you down to their level, and beat you with their experience.

BTW Hugh...how's that corruption in New Mexico going lately? I've heard you are going for first place by beating out the President's home state. Gotta be proud of that.