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Thread: Super Bowl 50 GDG

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    Senior Member Losthwy's Avatar
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    Default Super Bowl 50 GDG

    GO Broncos !
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    Senior Member Tim Mc's Avatar
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    I like watching Cam and the Panthers but would really like to see Peyton go out on top.

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    Senior Member Tobias's Avatar
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    I am torn on this game. I'd like to see both teams win

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    I initially thought Cam was over-hyped for the level he performed in his early years. Could not believe the contract he got considering such performance. Guess they knew what they were doing, and why I am not a GM. He has really matured into a unique individual, a natural leader, and has an arm that is amazing. I enjoy watching him, I think he will very very good for a long time.
    But I am a Broncos fan to the core, plus love Peyton. Too bad someone has to lose.
    Nate Baxter, DVM
    Lebanon, OH

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    Carolina by 13

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    Senior Member Hunt'EmUp's Avatar
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    Go Broncos, still I pretty sure they're the long shot. I just hope it's a good game, but after Carolina X Cardinals playoff game, that might be too much to hope for. I feel the Broncos X Patriots game was most likely the last great one to watch "HOPE I"M WRONG"
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    Saw this morning that the favored team wins 70% of the time. Still hoping for the Broncos and Peyton to go out on top. Hoping for a close game. Immenjoying not having the Patriots or Seahawks in it. Looking forward to seeing the Purple and Gold of the Vikings there next year.

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    I wanted Peyton to beat the Seahawks and go out on top a couple years ago. Nothing has changed other than he really, really needs to retire.

    Carolina is really good, however, if the Broncos defense plays the way they did against the Patriots, I honestly believe that the Broncos will have a chance. Cam presents a different set of challenges, but lets not forget how the Patriots rang up the scoreboard all year and only came away with 18. I might be running on optimism, but I feel that the Broncos have a better chance this year than they did versus the Seahawks in SB48.
    Lucas Nogelmeier
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    Quote Originally Posted by Losthwy View Post
    GO Broncos !
    I was working at the mine in Climax, CO when the Broncos came to town. The Phipps started a model franchise.
    Have always considered Denver one of the nicer cities in the US for a young person.

    This is Denver's 7th SB with 2 wins, an above average record on both counts. I like the coach of the Panthers,
    the players not as much. One has to be really impressed by Denver's defense & the job they did on Brady, without
    taking cheap shots.

    While Newton is a real physical specimen which gives him leeway on his knowledge of the sport, I like Denver's
    chances if the game is close.

    Carolina better win it this year as the Pack & the SeaHawks will be back nest year with mayhem on their mind .

    Marvin S

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    I have been a Panther fan since the beginning. Kerry Collins and Dom Capers days. I had never been a Cam fan but you can't deny his ability. I don't like the show boating but he acts like a big 12 yr old and sometimes he is funny. I'm coming around to Cam but still wish he would calm the showboating a little. Let's Go Panthers. ( I do like Peyton tho)

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