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Thread: So I am the bad guy???

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    One more thought on this, I wonder if the same people that call someone a NAZI for suggesting some people perhaps should not reproduce would call me a Back yard breeder if I decided to breed my fairly well bred one year old pup when she comes into heat to the good hunting dog down the road with out any health checks because she shows potential to be what I want and that meat dog down the road has a good nose........

    Why are we so protective of the breed we love yet so ambivolent to our own SPECIES?????
    Fritz Baier
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    From the first time I saw her at Chesterwood, I fell in love.

    Daniel Chester French, you know, that guy and the Lincoln Memorial. Emerson and Alcott, just names thrown around for effect, but they influenced him. Do you think someone nurtured a dream? I do.

    I have my own personal appreciation for artist, poets, writers and dreamers. I appreciate the hard working, under appreciated and under paid as well. That's my past, and my future, you can view it day to day with the naked eye. You can view it via a telescope during the midnight hours. Which view do you prefer?

    For me, it's easy to look up at a clear night sky. I can rationalize the mythology of the stars, its far away, it doesn't touch me day to day. I wake up in the morning with a headache, I realize I did connect with something last night, last week, last year. Was it Her? Was it she who has bravery in her mind?

    Courage? Did I show courage? What I was looking for was a "heart of oak". If an "acorn" dropped on my head, while I was taking a nap....that thud woke me up. I wonder how many pups are tagged ...IRENE in 2011/12? Probably screamers, collicaly babies who can't sleep during a vacuum cleaning, let alone shoveling a shit storm of debris, much like '80's kids.

    The acorn fell. His Mother named him Jarron. An odd Gentleman took him in, determined to raise him up as his own. Nascar Fan and Boy Scout Troop leader, Guy was bounced out of too many auto sales jobs to speak of.

    You can burn all the Lasagne pans, doesn't make you an IRON CHEF. I worked hard to support my kids. I washed dishes, served drinks with a smile, waited tables. I bought two homes and a business. I smoke and drink. I train dawgs.

    My Grandson is in second Grade, a year ahead for his age. My daughters are self supporting, despite my "lack of education". Call it out as you will. Mr. Bora, can you teach the difference between a bung hole, and a dung hole?

    I bred to a self-made man, the first time. I bred for family the second time. The Fathers of my Children, there are two.

    I'll pause, I have for 44, years. My Grandma is a Long Island Matriarch, like anyone cares, it ain't saving the economy.

    Ken, keep on nurturing.
    Cindy Von Sutphen

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