Obama's latest appointment.......ROFL
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Thread: Obama's latest appointment.......ROFL

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    Default Obama's latest appointment.......ROFL

    Anyone else find Obama's appointment of the chair, for the so called cost cutting commitee, absolutely laughable????? I mean c'mon...... WTF......this guy hasn't a clue....... if this isnt a conflict of interest, what is??????
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    Lets see

    Sen Murray -who helped write the Obamacare bill

    Sen Baucus- who sold out his vote on Obamacare even though he was a pro lifer

    Sen Kerry - who thinks the Tea Party are terrorists and the media should ignore them

    talking about stacking the deck, you couldn't get three more staunch liberal members NOT KNOWN for reaching across the aisle
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    This country is screwed until Obama is out. He makes Carter look like the greatest President ever.
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