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so by your reasoning you want to legalize pot, but yet you want to test for drugs,...so the pot smokers still get their freebies but the crack users dont...
Yep you got it. Pot is not as addicting as crack and no more addicting than alcohol. You don't see kids killing and stealing for a joint. It is no worse than alcohol.

As for freebies, there are no freebies in life. One is legal the other illegal. You for got that part of my comment. And you for got the part where as long as it is still illegal you still get tested for it. My opinion of what should be legalized is just that, my opinion. The government could make boatloads of cash from the taxes that would be levied on weed.

Confused, why. Crack is so highly addicting that once you smoke it and you get that initial high you feel so great. Once the crash starts you will need it again to stop the crash. You will do anything to stop the crash. Problem is you can never reach the initial high again no matter how hard you try and the crash is worse every time. You will do anything to get that high back. Crack will put you in the gutter and keep you there.

Pot does not do this to your mind and body any more than alcohol.