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Thread: Union Sympathizer's

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    Default Union Sympathizer's

    For you folks who believe public employee unions are harmless .

    I wonder what the collective IQ of the sign carriers is? 42%ile?

    Enjoy !!!!

    Marvin S

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    Someday your life will flash before your eyes. It's your responsibility to make sure it's worth watching!

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    Those kids were wonderful!

    Interesting to note, too, that when there is a successful school in a neighborhood, housing values around it increase.
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    My Dad was a union man through and through, so I was raised that Unions would take care of the working man. Today Dad see's them for what they really are and so do I. Money sucking, brain washing worthless crap. They force people to pay them, in my eyes stealing peoples money and waste it on worthless investments like trying to recall elected officials.

    They are past their prime and need to be put down.

    The people in this video are blind. They really don't see what good is coming from the way their governor is running their state.

    I guess these are the same people that still blame GW for our current mess and voted for the current POTUS


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    Great video! Lily-white union thugs bussed in to protest the fact that some black children are actually being educated. Racists.
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