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Thread: Updated 5/2/13 - RIP Tom Knapp (sportsman/exhibition shooter)

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    Man I love watching his show and of course the end was and still is awesome with the clays.R I P Tom Knapp.
    FC AFC Slider/Junie

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    I shot sporting clays several times with Tom. He was a great shot, and a fine fellow.
    Wm. Mark Edwards
    Pascagoula, MS

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    Tom was a great shooter and an even better man! He was always willing to chat with people and talk about the sport of hunting and shooting. Growing up in Minnesota I heard and saw him occasionally.

    He came from a humble background and learned like most of us by shooting small game with small guns. He brought the exhibition shooting sport back into the limelight. Good guy!

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    I don't remember whether I got to meet him or not (probably not) but I saw him perform at the Ducks Unlimited Great Outdoors Festival in Memphis back in 1998 (approx) and he was very entertaining. Since then I've seen him on many different TV shows and he really comes off as a gentleman and someone you would enjoy being around. Just recently I recorded a TV show on my DVR called "Sharp Shooters" and he was one of the featured shooters. He was shooting a rifle (.22LR) and he was tossing up fruit and vegetables and exploding them with the .22LR. Then he progressed to shooting quarter sized lead discs and finally to aspirin. It was pretty impressive. I enjoyed the wingshooting show he used to do with "The General" who has also now passed away. I hope they are having a cigar together in Heaven.

    Rest in peace, Mr. Knapp, you'll be missed.
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    I had the ocassion of watching and helping him; when the NRA would ask him to conduct exhibitions for some youth events, Boy did the KIDs and adults love the shows! Geat person and Great personality; Always for the betterment of the shooting sports industry; we lost a great man !!!!!
    Phil Giarth
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    A good 'en is gone.

    I never met him, but as a full-time activist for the NRA back in the day I got to see him a lot.

    You know with those pipes of his he could have been a narrator too. My gosh.
    Kevin Walker

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    I met him when the local Benelli dealer brought him to town a great artist at his feat and
    quite a character talked to him for about 10 mins will be missed
    David Jansma
    The time you spend on earth with your dog is precious; enjoy it to your fullest

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    A few years back, I attended a duck hunting academy at Wildrose Kennels in Oxford, MS. Mike Stewart taught the dog sections, Tommy Stutzman of Call 'Em Close, the calling, and of course Tom, the shooting. It was a great, fun weekend. I learned a great deal about shooting and calling. In the evenings we would have a nice meal. Tom and I would then sit back and have some serious discussions with our good friend Mr. Jim Beam. Tom was quite a storyteller and great guy. I stayed in touch some, but we could never quite get together. I didn't know him well, but I will miss him quite a bit.
    "When a man is proud of his dog and shows it, I like him. When his dog is proud of him and shows it, I deeply respect him. Gene Hill

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    I saw him at the DU outdoor festival in Memphis a long time ago, it's something me and my boys still talk about from time to time, and for that I'll always be thankful.

    Jeff Warren

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    Mr. Knapp brought in a tremendous amount of funds for our local PF chapter, he could not have been more gracious, kind and patient. He was truly a class act. He will be sorely missed by all those that were blessed to know him. I am sorry for those who will never get to meet him.

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