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Socialist doesn't work either. Can't say as any name calling of a president is funny regardless of who he is or what party he is from. He is the elected POTUS and deserves the respect afforded the office America voted him into. We may not like his ways or decisions but give him the respect due. I can't stand the current POTUS but you will not hear me call him worthless, ill breed, ignorant or to weak minded to see what he is doing to our great nation and MILITARY. Thou I think it I would never say it.

So think what you might, but give any POTUS the respect of his office.

Have a great day

Like I said while I was in the military, I may not respect the People above me but I respect their rank. I can still hate,despise,or want to slap the man wearing it. I respect the Office of the President and what the positions represents, I do not have to respect what the man filling the position is doing.