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Thread: Is there a site that tracks a dog's progress towards an FC or AFC?

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    Default Is there a site that tracks a dog's progress towards an FC or AFC?

    I was wondering if there is a site that tracks a dog's progress towards an FC or an AFC. Would like to watch dogs from our club and follow their growth in the sport.

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    I like the Find Retrievers website for ease of use to find out the total points on a dog.

    Click on Dogs on the left column and input the dog's call name or registered name, click on Search and, Voila, the dogs registered name pops up. Click on that and read the dog's accomplishments. I think it's within a week of being up to the minute.
    Howard Niemi

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    Yikes! I just looked up my dog. They've put all kinds of info about me on the there a way to make some of it private?
    Renee P

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    Go to Entry Express. Use their SEARCH feature for dogs. Type in the dog's registered name. The dog's event history will come up.

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