Hunting, the Sun, and Blinds
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Thread: Hunting, the Sun, and Blinds

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    Senior Member Warren Flynt's Avatar
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    Default Hunting, the Sun, and Blinds

    Ok duck hunters-
    We 'always' want the sun and wind at our back- helps the birds light better, and keeps us kind of hidden better. But I ran into a problem running a blind this past weekend:

    Greenhead goes down, winged about 150 yards. We are set-up on the edge CRP (thicket) -flooded bean field in front, and hipped up field beyond that. Decoys are about 30 yards in front, about 50 yards to the edge of the water from the dekes, then the field starts. Sun is at our back. Dog doesnt run a successful blind, and has trouble on a couple others. I finally realize what's going on.... She can't see me well due to the sun in her face...

    What do you guys do in a hunting situation like this, with a cripple that may get away, but less than ideal circumstances?

    Also, how do you deal with it, anticipate problems, when hunting if the conditions aren't "ideal" for dog work?



    Let me also note that the wind was about 20mph, crossing and at times in our face, pushing the dog back to the decoys and old marks...
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    Excellent question. Looking forward to some experienced responses.

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    had that happened a few times this season, I would give her a whistle sit while I got up out of the blind and moved 20 to 30 yards right ( East) so now she was not looking into the sun and continued to run her from there with no issues. Another issue I see sometimes is, we spend so much money on camo to hind, well have you ever thought what it must look like to a dog to look back at you?. I wear now an Avery baseball cap that is white on the inside so you can take it off to handle a dog.

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    Senior Member Larry Thompson1's Avatar
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    I ran into that problem a couple of yrs ago. Sun at my back so I too had to move about 40 yrds to the right. First 2 casts were ugly, then moved and everything was well. Same thing at the Grand running test dogs, it took four dogs to complete the blind. I happen to be running the fourth test dog and when he got a whiff of the blind I let him go. Judge said thank you if you would have tried another cast we could be here all day.
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    Senior Member Dustin D's Avatar
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    Great question. Where I hunt now this will be an issue for me next year. In the past the Sun was to our left so it wasn't as bad.

    I’d also consider the fundamental of trying to set him up for success the best you can before he’s even sent. As in making sure he gets the best possible positioning and line before being sent. Plus getting him down wind so he can catch a whiff too. Can he see outside the blind? or is he hidden completely from all ducks that fall?

    Interestingly enough I just got finished reading this at lunch. It might provide some insight for you.

    Blind Retrieve Lining for Gun Dogs
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    I would move somewhere the dog could see me. If it meant getting out and walking 75 yrds to either side that's what I'd do. Do whatever you can do to help the dog. It's not a test or trial,get out and help the dog recover that bird

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    Had this issue today while training. Pup was about 150 yes out with the sun directly at my back. I didn't think to really move a great distance because where I hunt moving is nearly impossible. Plus while I was giving the client over cast she didn't budge. What I did to remedy this was to give a voice over! while walking about five steps. My pup responded well after that was done. Hope this helps.
    E. Kern

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    Senior Member Hunt'EmUp's Avatar
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    Had it happened in a test, so first jump up and down wave your arms, then look at the judge realize he's wearing black. Then throw off camo jacket, revealing black thermal under-Amour, proceed with blind, Next dog. go out in just black under-amour. The sun has set further now dog cannot see black, jump up and down wave arms walk back and forth along the shore, then pull off under-amour, for once be glad your skin is incandescent white, and proceed with blind. Last dog, well now it's almost completely black, and you start hearing complaints from tanner handlers on how it's unfair that they can't handle their dogs in the dark. No worries super white skin also stands out real good against truck lights, only now you can't find your black dog in the black water, and your starting to see spots, staring into floodlights. Mime hand signals into the dark, until the dog comes back with the bird. You can't see anything, Judges can't see anything, Dog has a bird, Call it good. And now On to the Potluck, where for some reason everyone insists you put on your shirt back on.
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    when I am hunting I try to have a couple of different colored shirts on ie. a white sweatshirt on when field hunting or in a duck blind when snowgoose hunting I where a black or brown shirt underneath if the sun is always on your back when in your blind try to move it if possible or else find another spot to go or build another blind- kind of a long term deal but for future years you could save yourself the headache
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    I build all of our blinds with the sun angling off of one shoulder. Usually my left. Helps with prevailing winds and I also like the ducks working off to the side. I don't usually set up with the birds looking right into the blind.
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