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Thread: Setting Up Derby Marks

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    I haven't read the thread in its entirety, so please excuse me if I have committed errors that have already been addressed.

    These marks may be too close, and now that I look at it again, I would move G1 further left, and F2 slightly further right.

    I have cover and terrain changes marked in red.

    On G1, dog has to traverse several cover and terrain changes, however these are roughly square for the most part- for that reason, I like Howard's mat better. My thinking on this one is that the dog would find the gun station and hunt, possibly deflecting left along the terrain change. Should have about 100 yards to run around in behind the bird.

    For the flyer, the dog would have a choice to make after finding the gun- continue straight up the hill (a bit concealed by my lines) to the bird, or follow the terrain to the right or left.

    Both terrain and wind would influence young dogs to run toward the left on both marks.

    Ok, I missed the wind indicator at first, so I would be throwing a flyer into the wind- oops.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick_C View Post
    Unless I'm interpreting the direction of the throw incorectly, it seems you're throwing your flyer into the wind which could cause some birds to hook back left and end up behind the guns or land close to the guns, causing no birds.
    From the diagram it appears to me that the wind is out of the east and the gunners are throwing mostly north. Also, in the picture the grass is not blowing over, so I would assume the wind is not that strong and the throwers will not have much difficulty getting a consistant throw.

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    Are there any more threads out there like this one, concerning Derby marks. This thread is great, but I could not find much more. Looking for as much help as I can get on Derby setups, particularly for training. Thanks.

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    In the next few months, the Retriever News will be publishing a series of articles on the "Design and Construction of Field Trial Marks"

    I will keep you posted as we get closer to deadline

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