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Thread: Clint Eastwood and that Chrysler SB Commercial

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz View Post
    It's easy to ignore the facts I guess when you hate unions and do not feel that the workers the represent deserve their pensions. The deal with the union took any obligation for healthcare and pensions for retirees off the back of the companies and put it on the backs of the unions.
    If that doesn't bust the Unions nothing will.
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    Quote Originally Posted by M&K's Retrievers View Post
    If that doesn't bust the Unions nothing will.
    But it does put success or failure in their hands. The American Dream... Personally I'm rooting for their success.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Down East Labs 217 View Post
    That poorly executed mission did not land on Carter. It landed squarely on the military and many heads rolled. Carter dodged the blame by blaming the ill prepared military. In stead of using one branch to execute the mission, it was insisted that every branch be represented. To many issues with so many un familiar working parts caused the failure.

    Again, if I look good I did it, if it didn't work it was their fault.
    My opinion
    I think it did reflect back on Carter, and also the military. Since Carter was a military(Navy) man, I think I would expect more understanding of a military operation from him. The military also bears responsibility for not vetting their equipment better. And they still lost a chopper in the Bin Laden venture.
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