Selling my 28 run indoor kennel on 30 acres in Coudersport, PA. The kennel is 5 years old but was not used for the past year. The building is a Morton Building and half has living space and the other half has kennels in it. The kennels could be remove and the whole building could be used for living space. The kennels can be put outside with no problem. I been working for K2 so the kennel is no longer in operation. I will be living full time in Texas so the kennel will not be used full time. I will sell the whole kennel for around 200k or would be willing to sell shares and form summer training grounds. The idea would be to bring 3 other partners in one it(4 including myself). It would be 50k a share. There is a lot of ground that can be used that is owned by the state or privately owned so you are not limited to the 30 acres. A lot of field trials and hunt test going on in New York that would be a hour to a 2 hour drive.

Call or PM me if you would like more info.

Greg Sharer