Picking up new PUP tonight! & seeking advice for current lab with Lymphoma
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Thread: Picking up new PUP tonight! & seeking advice for current lab with Lymphoma

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    Default Picking up new PUP tonight! & seeking advice for current lab with Lymphoma

    Tonight I am scheduled to pick up my new female yellow pup (Roxy) from TrinityLabs! Zoey, my current lab (6 years old) is finally getting a sister.

    On another note, Zoey was diagnosed with Lymphoma last March & we decided to put her through a 19 week chemo protocol after visiting an oncologist - Dr. Susan Ettinger. She has been in remission for a about a year & it is showing signs again BUT no symptoms like last year - never knew she was sick. We are faced with an important decision based on our options we have available -1. We can do Chemo again (the strongest & most expensive), 2. Chemo at home for 6 months, 3. Steroids or 4. Homeopathic. Aside from some early issues last year with the Chemo that was difficult to witness (like severely fatigued & not eating), the overall protocol was a success. She is a strong girl & acts like a normal lab! If anyone can share some experience, it would be greatly appreciated.


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    First of all -- sorry to hear of your Zoey's cancer. I assume you have bought Dr. Dressler's book "The Dog Cancer Survival Guide" (since he works with your oncologist - Dr. Ettinger). There are new and different drugs that are developed all the time. Have you gone back to see Dr. Ettinger again? To ask her opinion on the best route for you to take?

    I went thru all of this with my dog (I did buy Dr. Dressler's book) and she received 8 months of extensive chemo for a Mast Cell Tumor. But, I was not as lucky as you -- my dog's cancer never went into remission (she went thru the IV method of chemo as well as taking Palladia).

    There is a Canine Cancer (email) Group (thru Yahoo) you can join as well. There are many people that are on this email list -- from what I have read -- have taken the steriod/prednisone route along with homeopathic methods. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CanineCancer/files/0_Personal_Experiences/

    Good luck to you.
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