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Thread: Lyme disease

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    Quote Originally Posted by lennie View Post
    I have always worried about Lyme and I live in the Rochester, NY/Souther Tier area also.

    Now I am getting worried, I have seen more lameness in my 10 year old CLF, esp. in her rear end. I was thinking it was just age, as if she wants to retrieve, she "comes alive" so to speak. I have always vaccinated my dogs against Lyme but I think I forgot too last year. Does anyone know if you miss a year do you have to do the booster again? (I asked this same question on the other thread also.

    Earlene, since acquiring this problem, I've become internet trained and I'd have to say that the jury is still out on this one. First, I'd turn to my vet (because I have faith in mine). Many vets do not believe in vaccinating for Lyme disease for various reasons, but if you are using it, a booster would be required. From what we've done in the past and what we've learned, I lean towards Advantix with no vaccination and prayer. You might want to get her checked out because the symptoms vary greatly. I'm in Webster & in the phone book if you want to give me a call, feel free. Good luck!

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    I have a 2 year old lab that was diagnosed with lymes yesterday. He has had the vaccine since he was a pup. I also use frontline. I was shocked when he was diagnosed. He shows no signs. The vet has put him on Doxycycline for 30 days. We are hoping for the best. After researching this disease I don't know if there is a 100% effective way to stop it. All you can do is use all the precautions before heading to the woods. The strange thing is I live in a area where deer ticks are not that common. Hopefully after the Doxy. we will never see any signs but it will always be on my mind. Do what you can to protect your dogs and yourselves.

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    2 of my labs that have been vaccinated for Lyme since pups also test positive for lyme when with the standard tests. Neither has any symptoms. My vet did more extensive blood work and it was found to be a false positive from the vaccine itself.

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    I vaccinate dogs (for years, Ft. Dodge earlier, now re-combiteck) and myself (I read that the human vaccine is no longer available) and treat topically.

    But the NOVEMBER cases amaze me (in cold climates). And I've been extending the topicals...

    So far my mutts and I have avoided it, but some canine and human friends haven't been so lucky.

    Sorry about your pooch.

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    Well that was another concern, that my vet told me if I am giving lyme vac that testing could produce a false positive, so how will we know for sure? Would you just go with a course of Doxy for safety's sake or is there a more extensive test?


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    No symptoms, no meds.

    Have your vet contact the immunologist at the drug maker and they can bring them up to speed. It's VERY common for a vaccinated dog to test positive for lyme.

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    It would be great to have some vets give info here, but I believe there are several different tests for Lyme, at least one of which can differentiate between vaccinated dogs and dogs that actually have the disease. We live in southern GA and upstate NY and have given Lyme vaccine for ages, so far with good results. Fingers crossed.

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    First off I don't think Lyme vaccine is a safe vaccine to give to your dog. Second giving it will make the test come back positive. Funny you tell the vet you gave your dog the vaccine They want to test for it. Leaves my head scratching. If you do give the vaccine don't mix it with other vaccine for at least a month apart. These cocktails aren't Safe . Just check online and watch some videos of some reactions to them. Legs are number one side effect but heart,kidney,liver can be effected also.

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    I live in central NY, just outside Syracuse and started to using the topical 10 months out of the year. For periodic breaks in training I take my dogs on "swamp romps". I was finding ticks on the dogs in early March with snow still on the ground. It's gotten crazy.
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    My boy was Lyme positive last summer (despite using the spot on religiously). We treated him with doxy and he is now testing negative. I have learned a lot about Lyme.
    1. Some of the tests do differentiate between vaccine induced antibodies and disease induced antibodies. Check with your vet to see which they are running.
    2. Most doses of doxy are too little, too short. We gave him 300 mg/day (he weighs 67 pounds) for 6 weeks. Quite a few vets give higher doses than that.
    3. There is NO REASON TO VACCINATE A DOG WHO HAS BEEN LYME POSITIVE and it may be counter-indicated, in fact, the vaccine itself maybe be counter-indicated.
    (The biggest threat to retrievers from Lyme disease is nephritis. This is believed to be caused by antibodies to the Lyme causing chronic inflammation within the kidneys. The problem is, they don't know which antibodies are causing the inflammation, and it is *possible* it's the antibodies that are formed when the dog is exposed to the vaccine. Therefore, repeated vaccination may cause the same Lyme Nephritis that we are seeking to avoid by preventing Lyme disease in the first place. This is why the jury is out on whether or not the vaccination should be given, and most diplomates of the ACVIM don't recommend it).
    4. Any dog who has EVER tested Lyme positive should have a urine protein test done at least every 6 months, some vets recommend every 3 months. See item 3 above.
    Ticks suck.

    edit to add: here's a link to the ACVIM position paper:
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