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Thread: Not Feeding Cheap Anymore

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    Default Not Feeding Cheap Anymore

    After years of feeding cheap, I started using a food called Dr. Tim's Pursuit in late May when I saw it available in 44lb bags on a website called PetFlow. Free shipping and no tax, plus regular specials brings this food in cheaper than Eukanuba or Pro Plan.

    I am a sucker for big bags and dove right in after chatting with some people plugged in to the business.

    This food is the real deal. I have both dogs on 2.5 cups per day and they are glowing. Dark, hard stools and easy clean-up. No crapping during training either. Pro Plan is more expensive by the the pound and in feeding.

    I resisted but now I see what others have said about going to a better brand.

    I actually emailed several of the mushers that use the food, even the guy that won the Iditarod this year.

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    Does OPF make this food?
    Tom Dorroh
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    What type of specials do they run to get the price under PPP?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas D View Post
    Does OPF make this food?
    Yes Ohio Pet Food makes it. Slow cook production. The guy explained to me he tried 6 plants before he picked OPF because it was able to get the starch digestibility to where he wanted it.


    PetFlow gives $10 off the first order and then you get emails all the time for 10% to 30% off. Since I live in the east PPP goes for $1.40lb including tax. Eukanuba is up to about $1.60. Pursuit comes in at $1.25lb, no shipping and no tax. I am feeding about 25% less also, so that $1.25lb is more like $1lb. No corn gluten in this feed. It very high on meat.

    I wish I could get some of the old timers to split a pallet with me but the deal on Pet Flow is good enough. I feel like calling them and asking for a better price on a 10 bag order, see what happens.

    I am really impressed with the stuff. You have Shorthairs? Be an even better food for you, those animals chew through calories. There is another hotter feed at 35/25 but that isn't for big eastern Labs.
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