[QUOTE=sambo;976063]You have a right to be angry...it is not fair. They screw up and we pay the price. You just made Buzz's point!

See the republicans want you to think that Obama is why people are in a pinch, when the last administration stood on the sideline and let them have their way, and the end result was they made money and left the common man with the mess. them who?

Stop and listen to what he is trying to do, and that is give a common man some leaway and make a rich man pay for it. Like his mortgage refinancing initiative, lower student loan rates, etc. He is not offering handouts...he is offering air...something many need right now. Air for people who got put in over their heads by unscrupulous banks.... PUNISH THE BANKS NOT ME!

People are too busy listening to the right that blame him for the debt and high unemployment that he had nothing to do with to hear that he is trying to help good people. Ok, I agree here... No one single President is responsible for debt and unemployment just as not one single Pres can fix it with the waft of a magic wand. WE SHOULD NOT EXPECT THE GOVERNMENT TO FIX OUR PROBLEMS.

Romney's plan is the same old plan...make it easier for the rich and the common man benefits from it.