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Thread: How do you control dog hair in the house?

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    Default How do you control dog hair in the house?

    I recently purchased a house, and decided to move my dog to an outside kennel instead of in the house, where I kept her for the first 8 months. I moved her out bc I didn't want all the hair in my new home, but I really would like to move her back in. What do you guys do to control the dog hair in the house? I also found searching online that a higher quality food will decrease shedding to some extent, any truth to this?

    I also created a poll because I was curious how many kept there dogs inside and outside, vote if you want.



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    Control dog hair? 6 Goldens, 2 Labradors, 1 setter? Dyson vac and I live with it. I'd rather have the dogs than pick nits about dog hair.

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    NO CARPET or cloth furniture.
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    Furminator, Swiffer, and a Kirby vac at least keeps it in control!

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    I run a sweeper every day. I do have an outside run for the boys but they still stay in the house most of the time
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    Two Female labs, and a yorkie (the yorkie doesn't count), all dogs live in the house. I have an outside dog run that the labs stay in during the day while I'm at work and the kids are at school but they stay in the house every night and all weekend.

    I have wood and tile floors in the front of the house, carpet in the back of the house. We try and keep the dogs in the front of the house.

    I brush the dogs daily but there is still a lot of hair, but a little hair is a small price to pay, wouldn't have it any other way.
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    3 black labs in the house, vacuum every other day. No carpet in the house.
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    It's not too bad with just one dog most of the time. But when he blows his coat, it's ridiculous. During those times I'll usually brush, then give him a bath, then brush again after he's dry.
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    Three goldens in the house. Sweep...Sweep...Sweep. It's worth it.
    Julie Rihn

    Those who say "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" have never met my dog!

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    I vacuum a LOT but I think over all if the dogs are inside, one must just have a relative relaxed attitude about it. If guests are bothered, then they are probably not our closest friends

    We have a short haired jack rustle (White) a dachshund mix (red) and a lab (Dark Yellow) who lives full time in the house - needless to say I do NOT have a lot of things that are black or dark in color.

    The rest of our dogs reside part time out-doors and part time in a custom designed air conditioned “Dog room” (converted 3 car garage) ....

    .... This sign hangs over our living-room “Bar” .... “Hair of the dog? Help yourself - its all over the house”
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