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Thread: Obama’s War on Domestic Energy Production

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    [QUOTE=sambo;983514]I live in oil country and oil indirectly has benefited me my entire life.

    And if your butt lived in Gillette Wyoming, you would be talking about how great coal is and we would be listening to you spat out of another one of your holes...
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    And what would he say if he lived in this area of Colorado? UB

    Obama Administration Regulatory Sandbagging Killing Domestic Energy Jobs

    Written By:
    Rob Port
    Jun 29, 2012

    The Piceance Basin, which covers an area larger than Connecticut in western Colorado, was thriving circa 2008 thanks to an oil/gas energy boom not unlike North Dakota’s Bakken boom, though smaller in scope. Unfortunately, a good deal of the resources there are located on federal public land, and after 2008 things dried up.
    The cause? President Obama.
    …, in a region rich in natural resources, where oil and gas jobs form the bedrock of the local economy, the boom has dried up. Energy jobs have flowed to Wyoming, Texas and Pennsylvania. Main Street businesses are struggling, and big new schools built to accommodate a surge of students from the last energy rush are now watching their enrollments dwindle.

    “We’re sitting here dead,” said Shawn Bolton, a Republican county commissioner who runs a construction business serving oil and gas companies. Four years ago, he had 125 employees, most of them working here on the Western Slope of Colorado. Now, Mr. Bolton said, all but a handful of his 70 remaining employees are working out of state.

    of geology and swings of the market lie at the root of their woes. Crude oil is less common here, but natural gas is abundant, locked deep in the sandstone. But while oil prices have stayed high even as the American economy stumbles along, natural gas prices are sagging near all-time lows, largely because of reduced demand and a surge in supplies unlocked by the spread of hydraulic fracturing techniques.

    And so, energy producers have pulled out of deep and remote gas fields here across the Piceance Basin, which covers an area larger than Connecticut. Officials said that four years ago, there were about 115 drilling rigs boring into the sandstone and shale formations around northwestern Colorado. Now, there are about 16.

    Many residents and local officials blame the government for driving them off. They say overlapping layers of regulation and fees have thrown up excessive and profit-killing roadblocks to drilling on public lands, which make up as much as three-quarters of all terrain in some counties here. …

    “It’s a challenging job to begin with,” said David Cesark, a vice president of Mesa Energy Partners, a small drilling company in Grand Junction that has four active wells in western Colorado. “But the feds are making it more difficult. It’s like a pack of wild dogs that are constantly following you and nipping away at you.”
    Keep in mind that President Obama has made much of the fact that domestic oil production is up under his administration. That’s true, but it has nothing to do with him. Oil production is up in areas regulated by the states.

    On federal lands – which is the case in the Colorado example above – production is down. And it’s costing the country jobs and prosperity.
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