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Thread: Gunner's Up Holding blind

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    Another great blind chose would be MaGee Products. I bought 5 last year for our club. They are cheaper also.

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    Looks like quality to me I think I will buy one and I would trade my butch green blind for one of these if There any takers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunners Up View Post

    I think you may suffer from little man syndrome or maybe more like little winger syndrome! Every time someone posts a question or statement about Gunners Up, Zinger, Tangelo, etc. you have a negative comment & then post "Hey look at my company, hey look at my company". Do a search on your previous posts & you'll see what I'm talking about.

    Life's too short to be negative all the time. Focus your efforts on self/business improvement & quit worrying so much about your competitors & the rest will take care of itself.

    Business Mgt. 101 regards,

    Richard Davis

    Look who's talkin. You seem to do the same. You copied Zinger and sold it cheap, Business 101? Originally GU wingers were built really cheap but I will say the quality has improved greatly, since now you've sucked people in.
    Butch Green is a great guy and builds a great product. I wont even look at a GU blind and I am in need since I left my Butch Green blind out in the field and it got stolen.
    Mr Davis I find your business practice as well as your attitude offensive

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    Dear Steve Shaver,

    I apologize if you find my business practices offensive. If you don’t mind me asking, where did we error so we can get better meet your expectations next time? Were we offensive in producing first class training products and offering them at more affordable price points? Or was it providing world class customer service for every product we sell? Perhaps it was the 24 hour turnaround time on all Gunners Up orders or the same day repair policy? Maybe it was the deeply discounted launchers we offer to clubs as raffle items so they can host trials and buy new equipment? Did we do something wrong/offend when we donated 10’s of thousands of dollars in product and cash to national retriever organizations for scholarship funds, relief funds and to help offset the costs of holding and running their national events? Maybe our offense was something as simple as we brought competition to the market place and offered an alternative to the status quo?

    Gunners Up works extremely hard to be a trusted friend/source for the retriever community, a steward and sponsor of the retriever sports and operate a small/slightly profitable business at the same time. Sometime those three objectives don’t necessarily mix but we try very hard to maintain a good balance. If we can get better, I would love to hear about it. If you’re just pissed for no particular reason then let’s just move on.

    All the best!

    Richard Davis
    Official Launcher of the 2005, 2006,2007,2008,2009 & 2010 HRC Fall & Spring Grand!

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