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Thread: sport dog or tritronics????

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    the pros for sport dog is they have a very good service the cons are they have a good service because they get a lot of practice. do yourself a favor and get a tri tronics it will save you money in the long run

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    tri-tronics all the way!!! very good to work with.
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    Sport Dogs got way cooler decals
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    I've never owned a SD due to the reviews on here, I used to live in Knoxville which is the home office of SD. I had a chance to try out a 1825 and didn't like it very much. I have always used a 3500 dogtra and recently got a TT pro 500 and I love it, I could not say enough about the TT compared to the dogtra, don't get me wrong the dogtra served it's purpose and still gets some use today. So I would go with a TT as my first choice and second choice would be Dogtra.
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    The new Garmin is worth a look

    and several Dogtra models, too. (I've used 2 1800's for 8+yrs, but they're discontinued.)

    I have a friend who is satisfied with a SD. You'll probably like the bulky TT Flyway, 200, or 500.

    Too many choices...

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    Another vote for TT. One can also find refurbished units to get a higher end collar and pocket some $$.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dustin D View Post
    I have a SportDog 400.

    The charge last for weeks and it's never died, I just put it back on the charger b/c I think it needs to be re-charged and don't want it to die in the middle of training and in the season during hunting.

    It's over a year old now and has worked as advertised. No problems, works fine and has allowed me to do with it what I need to do.

    If it wouldn't, I wouldn't own it. But it does, so it's pretty simple to me.

    WELL worth the mere $150 I paid compared to the cost of other collars I couldn’t afford at the time.

    TT and Dogtra are Top Notch and well above the Sport Dog in all aspects. IMO

    I'm just giving my experience with a Sport Dog Collar without all the Bru-ha-ha angry stuff.
    I have the same collar and have no complaints. I can't say anything bad since I've had no issues.

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    Suffice it to say that I had enough problems with a Sport Dog collar to more than make up for the like, two guys, on this thread praising that brand. I would NEVER buy another Sport Dog product. Go with TriTronics. They dominate the "serious trainer" market for a reason. Dogtra makes good stuff, too.
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    I had a sportdog 1825. I had problems with it since day 1. Noticed early on that often when you attempted to apply a "nick" the dog would not respond. Then you would attempt it again and the dog would respond. For a while I thought I just did not have the intensity at the right level for my dog. Same thing would happen when I turned the intensity up. Dog would not respond at all and then the next time he would yelp because intensity was obviously too high. Then I decided to strap the thing on me and walk 50 yards away from my buddy. Sure enough when he would attempt to Nick me it would only go through maybe half the time. Sent the collar back and they sent me a brand new one. IT had the exact same problem. GO with TRitronics. Sport Dog is very inconsistent to say the least.

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    Do your dog a favor & buy either a Dogtra or Tri Tronics collar.

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