sport dog or tritronics????
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Thread: sport dog or tritronics????

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    Default sport dog or tritronics????

    I just need a basic collar for my dogs, I am between the sport dog 1825, and the tritronics g3 basic...... what would you all recommend or any great or horror stories about either???? Thanks
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    I would recommend Tritronics. While you say basic, I would recommend the Flyway Special. If you are a hunter the collar straps and buckles are hunting colors as opposed to shiney buckles to reflect the sun.
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    I'll be in the minority once again, but I haven't had any problems with my SD1825 & it has many features. I have a 2 dog and you can set each collar to mild, medium, hard headed, independently of the transmitter. The unit also has paging & vibrate. Mines going on 3 yrs. Heard they have good customer service, but wouldn't know since I haven't had to use it.
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    Didn't have much luck with my sport dog. Switched to a dogtra which I like. Never owned a TT but the folks I know who have them like them. Just my two cents.......

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    I would recommend the the SportDOG SD-1825 or the SD-1225 both offer great features. The 1825 does offer the toggle switch to run 2 dogs very easily. I have used SportDOG for many years, I have worked with SportDOG as well as a field staff and now as a Pro Staff member. Here are the pros and cons.

    both unit offer 2 hour charge with 40 to 60 hour of use.
    1825 offers 1 mile range / 1225 offers 3/4 mile range
    Waterproof collar and remote
    Tone and vibrate feature
    Contoured collar design
    Great costumer service

    There are no cons, SportDOG makes a great e-collar that works in every kind of hunting condition.

    Contact me (Josh) at 320-460-0434 to get a great deal on your next SportDOG e-collar.
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    Wow!!!! I can't believe people are still asking this question...Let me be blunt. All Sport Dog
    gear is cheap China made crap. Their game plan seems to be sell this cheap mess at a premium
    price and hope you don't use it much and it will make it to the one year warranty. When it FAILS and it will SportDog will charge you a fee to look at it and a fee to fix it...If the unit fails while in warranty they send you a refub with ONLY A 90 DAY WARRANTY!!! It will fail and you will be out $300+ Do yourself a favor and buy TRITRONICS or be Very,Very Sorry you bought Sport Dog Brand...(I went through 6 - 1825 camo systems I lost all my money SportDog has poor customer service to say the LEAST!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildwindgundogs View Post
    There are no cons, SportDOG makes a great e-collar that works in every kind of hunting condition.

    Contact me (Josh) at 320-460-0434 to get a great deal on your next SportDOG e-collar.
    Are you a comedian??

    This post would be funny, if it weren't for the fact that someone may actually take your post seriously and be misled into buying the crap that Sportdog sells. That could be tragic for the purchaser as well as the dog

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    If you can get the SportDog to hold a charge over night you'll be doing something. I can charge my TT and it will hold a charge for weeks and weeks. Charge a SD and it will be dead in days, with no use.
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    I have found that there is a lot of dog training gear made in the USA and it is almost universally believed to better than the stuff made in China. I live here and work here and try my hardest to keep others here working too, you should be glad that you have a choice with this. The job you save could be yours some day. Do the right thing by your neighbors and buy American if you have the chance. I got the TT pro 100 and only charge it once a week.

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    Had sport dog years ago because it was a gift. I got rid of it after less than a year and got a TT g3. That was 2 years ago. Decision is yours, but the I wouldn't have another SD. I would get a TT or dogtra. You will be happy

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