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Thread: Does 500k yearly salary make you a 1%er???

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeus3925 View Post
    I never had a option --my employer decided that was the plan they were going to serve up for us retirees. No choice? Heck, what's new? BC/BS is their choice...
    My husband is a retired sheet metal worker. Our medical coverage is through his union. The union seems to change insurance providers every year. We got a letter last month saying BS is the new medical provider. Co-pay went up, coverage went down in many categories. For example, used to pay 80% for mammograms. Now it is 60%. Dental coverage went down as did vision.

    We are waiting for the letter that says our monthly insurance premium has gone up.


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    My wife and i are still working, and probably will be for at least 5 more years. Luckily i have a very insurance plan thru my place of employment. On our most recent meeting with our financial advisor we were told that annual medical costs are increasing at 6% per year and that is expected to continue at that rate or more in the forseeable future. I guess i don't have to go into detail how much we hope that can be turned around. I don't believe the actual providers of health care (doctors, nurses and their staff) are getting 6% raises each year. The insurance companies however, are continually raising the rent and paying less in the way of benefits. I think that this needs fixing, but i'm not smart enough to know just how. I sure hope someone figures it out. -Paul
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