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Thread: Alligators

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    Senior Member augunner's Avatar
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    Jan 2014

    Default Alligators

    Well this mornings training session was cut short for me. We were training, and had been in and out of the water for about 15 minutes when about a 5 foot gator decided to ease over and join the fun. Luckily I spotted him before he was ever a real threat. Guess that pond is useless now. Time to look for more options.

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    Senior Member badbullgator's Avatar
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    Dec 2004
    somewhere between Boca Grande and Mims


    Chicken al a DrainO. I have been told, of course I would never do something like this as it is illegal, that if you fill a ziplock bag with a can of DrainO and stuff it in a whole raw chicken, then hang it from a branch about 6 inches above the water the gator will be floating in a few days.
    Just sayin

    A five footer is about where I start to worry about them. Still kind of small to eat a dog, but aggressive enough to attack one.

    I drew a south Lake Okeechobee gator permit this year and plan on taking out some aggression on a couple monsters!
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    Ft. Worth, TX


    Where do you live?
    Wayne Nutt
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    Quote Originally Posted by badbullgator View Post
    I drew a south Lake Okeechobee gator permit this year and plan on taking out some aggression on a couple monsters!
    Cool. Post up the pictures when you get one.

    I just applied for my 3rd preference point (because I knew I wouldn't get drawn for a good area) for a Gator quota hunt here in Georgia. I should be able to get after one of those big lizards in another year or two.
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    Senior Member Good Dogs's Avatar
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    Oct 2005


    5 footer is just about right for gator tail tidbits.

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    Senior Member Mary Lynn Metras's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Watford, ONT


    Oh my God. I would have been running!!! Fast! Glad you noticed.Too bad for you to have to look for a new place. Where are you located that they would be in the water there and is that usual for your area. Good luck
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    Having only been back east for a few weeks, when we got to the test grounds in eastern NC last weekend, I freaked out at the ponds. I was imagining alligators in the thousands all waiting to eat my dog! I was finally convinced that I was a bit too far north and west for them.
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    Hey Carol....Bad news...this was last week in Dare County....they are here

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    Senior Member Brad B's Avatar
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    Winnie, TX


    That's biz as usual around here. They certainly aren't endangered anymore.

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    Senior Member weathered's Avatar
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    Near Eufaula, Alabama


    I noted you said the aioli gator is in a pond. If it is privately owned, the owner can have it removed legally. We had to have it done some years ago. My family asked the game wardens for a reference I think. Don't know if he was paid or did it for free. The gators were not relocated.

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