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Thread: Raw and kibble diet?

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    Senior Member Bradybuck's Avatar
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    Default Raw and kibble diet?

    I am contemplating substituting one meal a day with raw meat such as duck breast, dove breast and ground venison. The plan is Dr. Tims in the morning and raw meat with fido flexx in the evening.

    Would there be any issues with this?

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    I would contact Dr Tim directly. A mixed diet of kibble and raw is very common in the sled dog world although they mix the kibble and raw meat at every feeding. Dr Tim would be straight and forthcoming with you about what you want to do and why.

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    Asssuming it is legal in TX to feed pets wild game that would normally be considered edible by humans.
    We can salmon skin/trimmings and venison trimmings to add to Toby's food. Mostly because it seems wasteful to just throw it away.
    Owned by Prairie Plains Hartwin Tobias - aka Toby - if you are into taxidermy.

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