Chick-fil-A Anyone?
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Thread: Chick-fil-A Anyone?

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    Default Chick-fil-A Anyone?

    So, the fella who owns Chick-fil-A says he believes in the "traditional" definition of marriage. He can't agree with the concept of gay marriage. He bases this on his religious beliefs.

    So, the mayor of Boston says (and in San Francisco, too, as well as some other cities) that there can be no Chick-fil-A restaurant in his city if the owner doesn't agree with gay marriage.

    Should a business be denied operation because its owner has a religious belief that differs with the existing law ... as long as the business abides by the law in all ways. Nowhere is it reported that the business refuses service to anyone; or treats any customers differently from any other customers.

    I thought this was the whole idea of religious freedom ... anyone is free to believe (or not believe) as they choose; as long as it doesn't interfere with anyone else's rights to do the same. And the govt isn't allowed to be biased for ... or against ... anyone's religious belief, as long as it doesn't conflict with secular laws.

    Am I out in left field (right field?), or what?
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    Sounds like political vote pandering to me.
    Denying Chick-fil-A a business license based on the CEO's opposition to gay marriage would not stand up to judicial review ,,,,,,,,,EVEN IN SAN FRANCRISCO

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    Nope, just not a Facist and that's probably a good thing.
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    Simply ridiculous. He didn't say that he would in any way discriminate against gays. Didn't say that he wouldn't hire or serve them (although I believe that that should be his right). His remarks certainly didn't bother me. I like their chicken. I would still like it if the owners or the company were a homosexual couple and would continue to do business with them as long as the had good service and good food. Even if he said that he didn't hire gays and wouldn't serve them, the government should butt out and let the market control this.
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    It's not like he said he'd refuse to serve Homosexuals. Dude just said he supports Traditional Marriage and donates money to organizations who think the same way.

    The epic hypocrisy of the supposed claim for tolerance that these Homosexuals display is sickening. How long can the tail wag the dog? Apparently into oblivion.

    It's sad how the media has so many people believing that if you disagree or think differently, than you automatically must HATE whatever the opposition to said topic is. Nothing could be further from the truth yet it's portrayed that way hourly on the news.

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    Always enlightening to watch the "tolerant" leftists in action.

    I wish we had a Chick-Fil-A franchise in our city. It's actually surprising that we don't with the plethora of other fast food chain outlets...many having 3, 4, or 5 spread around the community.

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    All I know is he has some dang good chicken. When in the south, I go there for a good meal, not to discuss politics. And no, Chick-Fil-A is not open on Sunday.

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    Chick Fil A also sponsored the Peach Bowl in Georgia and actually had them change the date on one game which was to be played on Sunday....I like their product,used to eat there regularly when I lived in Austin, they also had locations in many of the malls...don't think the company is going to be upset by not being welcomed in Boston...isnt Boston a sanctuary city too...its liberal pro gay stance is one of the reasons my gay nephew lives there with his lifestyle brother Jerry who is a devout Christian declined to attend the civil union ceremony because of his religious beliefs..tough choice to make
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    I eat at the one we have locally and will continue to spend my money there.

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    Chicago chimed in today. Mayor Emmanuel said that Chick Fil A did not have the same "values" that Chicago had.

    Chicago, a sanctuary city, is now the Murder Capitol of the US with thousands of gang members -- many killing each other and innocent bystanders. Amazing that the mayor would hold a press conference and condemn Chick Fil A for not having the same "values" Chicago has.


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