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Thread: (MI) Looking for Training Property For Summer 2013

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    Where in Whiskey Creek were the Nationals held....I am very familiar with the area but not of the Field Trial area?
    As a matter of fact I do hunt like a girl!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by steelheadfred View Post
    ........ they have a huge womens festival that way every summer.
    when is this? are visitors welcome? how do they keep the skinny girls away?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Timd View Post
    This is not true. I have a letter from the DNR that states you can train on public land all year as long as you are doing retreiver training without birds and no upland training.
    Timd, I too would appreciate a copy of this letter. I got a ticket last year on April 16th for training on public land.

    Much appreciated, thanks!
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    Excerpt from the district supervisor out of Roscommon. Conversations with folks who have been in the business of training for years all say it is basically up to interpretation as to the legality and to check with your local CO or his/her boss.

    "Training a retrieving dog to retrieve an object, other than a game animal, would be legal during this time period.

    I have pasted a copy of the Order below:

    14.3 Dog training, seasons, exceptions.
    Sec. 14.3. (1) Dogs may only be trained on game which can be lawfully hunted with dogs as defined in section 6.2 during the period of July 8 of one year to April 15 of the following year, except as provided in subsections (2) and (3), sections 14.4 and 15.2, or as otherwise permitted by law.
    (2) Fox may be chased from April 16 to July 8 in zone 3 on state-owned land with written authorization from the director upon an application form approved by the director.
    (3) Game which can be lawfully hunted with dogs may be chased throughout the year on state-owned lands within the following portions of the designated field dog trial areas:
    (a) Section 35, T7N R7W, and section 2, T6N R7W, within the Ionia recreation area.
    (b) All those portions of the Allegan state game area, Highland recreation area, Holly recreation area, Lapeer state game area, and Sharonville state game area designated as field dog trial areas in section 15.2.
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