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Thread: Texas Style Decoy Rig

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    I run Texas style too.
    Usta make a loop on one end for a carabeaner, run the line thru the deke, then crimp a weight on the other.
    I hunt in moving water and my dekes were dead.
    Changed it up a bit.
    Now I have a crimp loop on the deke, and the carry loop on the other, with the weight sliding on the mono.
    The loop on the deke made em come alive. Now they course left and right, like swimming birds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Bora View Post
    this may be the point of the fail.
    I clip 18 on a carabiner and then bag them and stack the bags on the cart. I have a long walk in. in one of the vids early in this thread the guys bag them. maybe the putting in then dumping out of the bag and the jiggly ride in cart to and frow????
    http://store.docshuntnstuff.com/doc3...orage-b39.html Not sure if the video will come up on the link but if it does that's the system I use. If you bag the decoys by pulling the carabiner through the hole in the bottom of the bag and clip the carabiner to the bag handles you should be fine. Also, I use the mono line which I believe is a little more stiff than tangle free line so I don't think it could become as tangled as what you have in your pic. FMI... What are the bamboo ski poles in the pic. If they're wading sticks that's a pretty cool idea. Danny
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    Quote Originally Posted by DSO View Post
    FMI... What are the bamboo ski poles in the pic. If they're wading sticks that's a pretty cool idea. Danny
    yes, the water at my blind is only about 2 foot but the muck can be another 2 in spots. I use the poles just like when I am snow shoeing for balance and to power a foot up out of the muck. I have found by keeping weight on the poles and only moving one foot or pole at a time I do not sink as deep and am able to skurry through the muck much faster. I tow a floating gear sled and of course sink down when standing still. That is when the poles are great, getting feet out and moving again. It is a crossover from deep powder snow shoe tree hugging. I recomend to all.
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