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Thread: Attn teachers...there's a new rule in town.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjh345 View Post
    3 things
    1) in post 4 you seemed to talk of the possibility of him losing the black vote
    2)I disagree that the point of this thread is Obama losing the black vote
    3)As retired military I would say if you are broke you may need to hire a financial advisor {or fire yours} because there must be some mismanagement of your account going on in light of the fact that the DJIA has more than doubled since shortly after Obama succeeded Bush
    I think you are confusing losing the black vote with losing the black vote to Romney. The black demographic in general doesn't vote in very high percentages and it is looking more and more like they will be back to that trend this time is what Cyndi is saying it seems to me.

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    While it does seem a little ludicrous to try and take the politics out of a political forum...after reading the attached "order" and trying to sort through the comments by a conservative organization (politics), the two statements that were made by the OP are very accurate. A positive school climate does not and should not rely on disparate disciplinary actions, and as a country, all research will confirm that blacks do not have equal access to qualified teachers, principals, academics, opportunities, etc... The rest is all politics...

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    Democracy as our parents knew it, is coming to an end, and our grandchildren will have no idea what democracy is. The change he wanted is here. Now he wants to move that change forward! Scarey.
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