Hail call to RK...ie Wisconsin politics.
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Thread: Hail call to RK...ie Wisconsin politics.

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    Default Hail call to RK...ie Wisconsin politics.

    I'd be interested in your views, Stan, on the Republican primary involving Tommy Thompson, Eric Hovde, and Mark Neuman.

    As far as I can tell, most conservatives aren't interested in returning what many see as a RINO, Thompson to Washington. And for that matter, while Hovde claims to be conservative, his voting record and what he has promoted and stood behind would indicate he's more of a Washingtonian than a conservative from Wisconsin, but I don't follow his record all that closely, so would appreciate your insight.

    Don't know all that much about Mark Neuman, except for the Tea Party support he's getting. From that I assume he's been vetted by a variety of conservatives and they seem to be backing him. But again I'd like your input.

    As time dwindles down to a precious few days to the election, I believe Wisconsin will be more of a focal point than many think. Subsequently, we all should be more informed as to how your state is doing. Thanks.

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    It is a deep cast of WI conservatives.

    Thommy Thompson=3 term Governor, Federal Cabinet member
    Mark Neuman=2 term congressman from WI
    Eric Hovde=Successful business man, well versed in international monetary issues
    Fitzsgerald=Assembly leader and key figure in passing and implementing Walkers Act 10

    My opinion;
    Jeff Fitzgerald, because he was there for me when I needed him,
    Neuman, because he will take the fight to Tammy Baldwin, a true moonbat!!!

    They are all 4 decent, Neuman has the most money, Fitz the least.

    My 2 cents.
    I am sure RP would tell you different..............
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    Stan b & Elvis

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