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Thread: Art Geddes= health issues (OKC folks please read! edit by Mod)

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    Art, I don't know a thing about the area, but I wanted to add that you are definitely in my thoughts and prayers through all of this. I hope you end up with a quick, complete recovery from all that ails you, and that you're able to get out to train and run your dog again soon!
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    Prayers sent for Art.
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    Art Geddes has been an officer and active member of the Tulsa Retriever Club for many years. He is my friend, we have enjoyed many hours of training and discussing field trials. Anyone who has met Art know he is a kind soul and passionate retriever man. My thoughts and prayers will be with him today.

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    My thoughts and prayers are with you Art

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    Quote Originally Posted by Art Geddes View Post
    Those who run Tulsa field trials and hunt test have probably noticed I have been absent over the last year. after years of having an inherited hart problem I have progressed into heart failure which is now considered end stage. I last ran the fall 2011 Sooner trial and was then hospitalized for a week, must have been those Qualifying judges. I have been in the hospital 3 times since then, twice in the last month. After the last one I cardiologist would not clear me to go back to work. I have been listed for a heart transplant at Integris Baptist in Oklahoma City but now have to have my large intestine removed due to some bouts of diverticulitis over the last 5 years. Unfortunately I have not been able to do any dog training so my dog is going crazy. Tie intestinal surgery will be done in Okla City in Integris as I am considered high risk due to the cardiac issues. If any OKC people would be ablte to give names of inexpensive yet decent hotels in the area it would be appreciated for my support persons during this. Thankfully my insurance from work will stay in force and has very good coverage. Thanks in advance guys.

    Art, thoughts and prayers to you.
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    I will be thinking about you. Headed to a test in Missouri this weekend. If its not after hours on the way home I will stop by and shoot to bull with you. Stay strong in there.
    Gavin B.

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    Has anyone heard how Art is doing today?
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    Hope Art is doing well today. Prayers for him and his physicians, nurses, and family.

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    Prayers sent for Art and his family from SC, too.
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    I just spoke with Art (2 PM) and he is tired but doing okay today following the heart cath. Further surgery tomorrow!
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