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Thread: This is an Interesting Perspective!

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    In 2004 Obama said there isn't a red America, there isnt a blue America only the United States of America guess he put an end to that new poll says people will vote on race and class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmhr1 View Post
    I also heard that the .
    Gotta love your credible posts.
    I also heard that whatever you heard is the absolute truth

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    If you watch the news you will see the video of him in 2004 where he made this statement it was made by Obama himself out of his mouth no one else. Just like the staments he made on the campaign trail in 2008 straight from him. Its easy to "hear" when he's the one talking
    if Obamas not credible I cant help it . If you want to take cheap shots pm me .
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    I also heard that the home interest deduction will be going away Obabma will do everything he can to hurt the middle class all the breaks are for the very poor no work requirment for welfare, free health care to the poor we will pay for it, 1 million illegals flooding the list goes on and on but this is what most Americans want at least the poor they are thrilled it doesnt get any better than Gov taking care of them.
    Home interest deduction MIGHT be going away but only if the combined income is over $250,000 per the GOP website. There is a chain email going arooud that says DEDUCTION GOING AWAY but if you read the link in the chain email that goes to the GOP website the information clearly says only if income is over $250,000. Many people don't read the linked information just the bold scary parts.

    Also if you don't think you are already paying for free health care for low income and illegals you don't understand where your local tax dollars are going.
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    And that takes a vote of congress. Obama nor any democrats in congress have voiced the interest deduction being eliminated. This started with Dick Morris and the republicans want it to grow legs.

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    You will also have to pay taxes on the sale of your house if its over a certain amount 250,000 I was told by a RELATOR I know where my taxes go and I know Obama will take alot more of them to continue to all his programs for the poor and the million more people he's letting stay here . Obamacare is going to raises taxes like we never knew was possible. Obama doesn't care about the law or congress if he wants it done he will sign an EX order or do whatever it takes. Obama seems like a nice guy tells funny jokes, sings, seems to be a good dad, he has a nice wife and two nice girls he just doesn't know how to be President.
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    GM profits are down 41% and this is a QUOTE from Obama "what we did for the auto industy we can do with manufacturing all across this country" . This is the future America has to look forward to.

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