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Thread: Sorting thru the propaganda...HELP

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    WOW.... Did ANYONE read the freakin article??? Do we immediately resort to bashing?? Can No One either support or dismantle the accusations in that article?

    Sorry guys....this wasn't where this thread was intended to travel.
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    I really thought I was asking a legitimate question in regards to sambo's comment.

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    A quote from the article "Middle-class suburban supporters of the president take note. It isn’t just the pocketbooks of the “1 percent” he’s after; it’s yours"

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    I had heard this scenario put forth before somewhere ... can't remember where. Certainly, Obama, himself, admitted that the green energy policies would cause the cost of energy to skyrocket. Yup.

    The high-speed rail proposals (that very few in the areas where they are proposed seem to see any value in) would also be another way to steer people away from individual car travel ... and "herd" people in to compressed residential areas.

    The scenario seems to have some likelihood of turning into a reality ... not sure four more years is enough to accomplish it. And if it becomes obvious what is transpiring, it's possible that the sleeping giant will finally wake up.

    I don't think it's a secret that Obama believes in "spreading the wealth" ... he has said so himself. He has had the training that would substantiate his intentions.

    BTW, I'm surprised there's been no comment about the movie "2016: Obama's America". It was due to be released today.
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