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Thread: Boring!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sambo View Post
    If you think Romney/Ryan will fix all your question is whos head is in the sand?
    I dont think I have much faith in any of these quacks that are interviewing for the most important job in our country.

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    I dont think Romney/Ryan can fix all the problems but it would nice to at least have someone try. Obamas out of excuses

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz View Post
    No, none of those.

    It's a waste of time for me to even get into it.

    Interesting however to see an entire campaign (the Romney Campaign) premised on utter BS.
    Its a waste of time being here in the grand scheme of things but here we all sit. Please enlighten us to the falsities of the Romney campaign. If you would like we could go on for hours about the outright lies the smear campaign known as the Obama re-election has given us so far. He said that when you can't run on your record you make up things about the other candidates....glad to see Obama is following his own advice on this account!

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    1) can fix the economy

    2) Balance the budget

    3) reduce national debt

    4) fix medicare and SS

    5) put americans back to work

    6) solve the problems in middle east

    7) do you want me to continue?

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