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Thread: Cancelled Kansas City Hunt Test

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    Usually we try to have all help lined up before even planning a test.And even then things always come up.Im sure they as club members feel bad enough already without having to listen to critisism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kpolley View Post
    I thought I would revive this old thread. The KCRC board is in the process of planning for our spring hunt test scheduled for late May. The board is reaching out to persons who are interested in helping with this event. If you posted or complained HERE IS YOU CHANCE!! Feel free to contact me or any other board member. We will find you a job and make this event happen. Kevin Polley 6606201163 or For a list of board members reference the club website @
    To clarify what keven was talking about, we need help (marshalling, gunning and most of all judging)
    We hire a group to throw all of birds.

    Thanks David

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    Thanks for the responses to offer help, keep them coming as we are putting a list together. If everyone does a little bit, no is over whelmed. Funny though I still have not heard from the OP. Maybe he has contacted another board member to volunteer?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Txcutter2 View Post
    My understanding was they cancelled it due to lack of help, not flooding, not drought, not lack of funding, not lack of birds. Don't tell me you can't find boy scouts, girl scouts, ROTC, NHS members, 4-H, FFA kids, church groups, etc. in an area that populated. These orginazations need community service hours and are seen at hunt tests all over the place. This is an issue of someone not willing to get off their ass and find people to work an event which isn't a legitimate reason to cancel a test. Tests all over Texas were cancelled due to lack of water last year. That's a legitimate reason. And yes, I can comment about a public hunt test on a public forum. I'm sure there are some really great members of the club and they ought to be pissed off and disappointed that this was allowed to happen. Someone dropped the ball.
    Actually it is that difficult to find help, especially on short notice if someone pulls out. Most groups are now wanting you to give them the money instead of working for it. This is what we ran into our past 2 HT's. Our club almost had to cancel our test last spring because lack of bird boys. We were fortunate we found enough people to work it. Although it did cost us about 1/3 more than it normally would and we had less people. We pulled it off by the skin of our teeth. Trust me, this was not a test we wanted to cancel (260+ entries). Luckily we pulled it off!

    As a HT chairman you need to be grateful that they are still willing to put these on. Profits are shrinking, birds and land are harder to come by, and "good" judges and bird boys are becoming harder to come by.

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