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Thread: Cancelled Kansas City Hunt Test

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    Just wow. If I were a part of the KC club, the best part about not holding the test would be not having to deal with the OP. I understand being disappointed that a test you wanted to run was cancelled but for crying out loud, what a self serving act it was to come post your gripe here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joanne Wilbanks View Post
    One thing you need to get straight is, per the AKC Regulations & Guidelines for AKC Hunting Tests for Retrievers Chapter 1, Section 3, Page 3 is that the distance is only 200 miles. Not the 300 miles that you mentioned and I don't believe there is any club in that 200 mile distance that was wanting to put on a Hunt Test that very same weekend on a holiday weekend to boot. The issue had nothing to do with getting paid help and NO ONE in the club dropped the ball. The ones in charge did everything they could. Like I said, you don't have all of the facts.
    Most complainers usually don't have all the facts....The concerned ones ask what happened ... Anyone that has worked to put together an event knows there are many things that can cause a problem ...Better luck next time ....Steve S

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    I just wonder if any of the people that are upset that the h/t was cancelled, have jump thru hoops to be a judge or marshall or even throw in a shot gun to help another club shot a flyer. Seem like people just want to show up and run there dogs. We all need to help one another out or one will have a place to run a dog.

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    The Kansas City Retriever Club is an outstanding club. We as a club have and always have had very high standards from our events. Many factors are involved in each event no matter what it is ie: training day,hunt test, field trial or even a board meeting any cancellation comes with a great amount of discussion. If any one or more factors are missing and an event will not meet or exceed our standards that event will be approached with a lets fix it attitdued. If no solutions can be achieved that will ensure the event is enjoyable for all handlers,workers , marshalls and stake chairs the event will be cancelled. We regret this as many we consider great friends will be affected.

    Steve Kelley KCRC Hunt Test Chairman
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    I wonder if the owner-handler qual was what caused them to not have enough workers? I know we don't have enough workers for an owner-handler qual in our area.
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    No the owner handler qual was not the issue,we have always had great judges and help.

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    It still would have been the same outcome with or without the O/H Qual.

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    Some years ago. And I share this story just for the humour. Joe Leptick of the Swiftcurrent Retriver Club was chairing a trial. Help was scarce, given remote and low population in Saskatchawan. Anyways the trial folks (competitors) show up for the trial. Joe aproaches different individuals who are from away. He ask if they have dollar (referred to in Canada as a Loonie). "Would you give me your dollar"? Upon turning over the dollar to Joe he would proclaim them a member of the Swiftcurrent Retriever Club and assign them their duty for the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davewolfe View Post
    ..... Seem like people just want to show up and run there dogs. ......

    did the OP even have a dog to run?
    or did he just want to "exhibit" something?
    I tell you group. I have had to call off a test.
    I was the chairperson. It sucked.
    if some weenie had chafed me after 'cause he did not get to sell his hotdogs,
    it would be that last time he was welcome at my sausage fest!!!!!
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    Don't need um regards

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